10 Tips For Chest Freezers That Are Unexpected

How to Choose the Best Chest Freezers UK

A chest freezer can help you save money by storing food items that you have grown on your allotment or cooked in large quantities. It also helps to reduce food waste. Look for a model with a counterbalanced lid that stays fixed open while you rummage through the contents - and think about a model that has a quick freeze functions for an additional burst of cooling power.


If you're considering buying a chest freezer, you'll be interested to know that the size of the model can play a role in its energy efficiency. You should take measurements before purchasing a chest freezer in order to make sure it fits into the space available. Consider a compact freezer designed to fit in an area that is small.

These models are usually smaller and taller than standard fridge freezers. They are also smaller in width. Select a model with the capacity to store more frozen items at once. The GE 2522L Chest Freezer, with its spacious interior that can store up to 10 shopping bags, is a great example. It features dual cooling, which means you can use this as a freezer or cooler. It also has the ability to quickly freeze, which makes it easier to get items frozen quickly.

As with all freezers, it is important to examine the energy ratings prior to making a final decision. In the ideal scenario, you should search for a model that has an Energy Star label. This means it is in compliance with minimum energy efficiency standards, and will reduce your heating bills. A typical freezer will need approximately 230 kWh annually to keep it cold and will cost around PS70 annually to run.

A counterbalanced lid is a great feature to look out for in a chest freezer, because it will remain open at a predetermined angle and won't slam shut abruptly. This is especially useful for those who have to load up on food items in large quantities or those who have trouble getting their feet down to access their food.

A quieter sound output is another great feature. This makes the freezer less noisy which is essential when it's placed in a living room or open-plan area. Some freezers feature LED internal lighting, which can be helpful when trying to find food in the dark. If you want to save even more money on electricity, pick an appliance with a built-in defrost function which will automatically defrost your freezer for you.


When choosing the right freezer, capacity is an important aspect to consider. The best chest freezers UK are designed to offer plenty of storage space and allow you to store all your favourite frozen foods and avoid needing to go to the store. These freezers are also great for those who have limited space as they tend to be smaller than upright models.

Capacity is typically expressed in cubic feet or litres It's important to keep in mind that the figures will be different for net and gross space. Gross capacity refers to the total amount of space within the freezer, which includes any insulation material. Net capacity is the actual storage space, which will be lower in the event that the appliance contains defrosted food or water storage. Choose chest freezers with an energy rating of A or higher. This will help lower your electricity bills and have a positive impact on the environment.

A frost-free model or a manual defrosting option is another option to think about. The majority of budget models will require manual defrosting however, more expensive models may have an automatic defrosting function. Certain models may have a built-in drain, which makes it easier to get rid of the ice as required.

If you're looking for a cheap chest freezer, Fridgemaster and Hotpoint have many options to fit any budget. If you're looking for something bigger, Beko or Zanussi offer large chest freezers which can accommodate the entire family's needs, saving time and money.

If you're an anxiety about having to bend over to retrieve items from the bottom of your freezer, it's worth looking for a chest freezer that has a handy internal light and lid that is counterbalanced. This will allow you to easily sort through your shopping bags and ensure that your back doesn't get sore when you're searching for hidden ice pops. To give you extra security some freezers include a red warning indicator and maintain a constant temperature for 24 hours in the case of a power failure.

Energy efficiency

Choose models with high energy efficiency ratings when you are choosing a chest-freezer. They will have lower energy consumption, which means lower running costs than upright freezers. You can estimate the cost of operating the freezer by looking at its energy consumption per year that is usually shown in kWh. You can also check the energy efficiency rating of the freezer by reading the specifications of the product or in the manual.

In general, chest freezers are more energy-efficient than upright freezers, because they sacrifice depth for width, making them more compact and capable of storing more items. They are also ideal for storage of large objects like oddly-shaped food bags or boxes.

Our chest freezer range comprises small, square models which can be placed in a corner of your kitchen or the utility room. We also have larger models with 500+ litres, which are ideal for larger families or commercial use. There are also chest freezers that are designed to keep precise temperatures of -30oC or less. This is typically required to protect laboratory equipment and other delicate items.

A chest freezer is an excellent investment if you're looking for a way to store large amounts of food without having to visit the grocery store often. It's important to remember that not all freezers work in the same way. To get the most value for your new freezer, pick the brand you trust and look at the features to find a model that suits your requirements.

If you're in a tight space but don't have the budget to buy one of the cheapest chest freezers available then fridge freezer this Currys own-brand model is worth a look. It's not quite as spacious as the most affordable options on the market, however it's a great value for money, at less than PS200. It is also garage-friendly, with a lockable front door and plenty of internal storage space for bulk purchases. It also features low frost technology, which means it doesn't need to be defrosted more often than other freezers. On our website, you can also find other affordable models from reliable white goods brands.


A chest freezer is the perfect solution for those who want to store a large amount of frozen food in one location. It can be expensive to operate these freestanding appliances, therefore, you should pick an energy-efficient model. To keep your energy costs at a minimum, you should look for models with an A+ energy rating or better.

When selecting a freezer, you should also consider how much space you'll require. In general, chest freezers have larger capacities than upright freezers and many come with extra space to hold larger items like turkeys. They are also more durable than upright freezers, as they don't have the glass door that could be easily damaged.

When buying a chest freezer, it's essential to measure its capacity in litres or cubic feet. This will allow you to determine if the freezer is enough to meet your requirements. It's important to also consider the net capacity which is the amount of space you can actually utilize to store your food.

One of the major drawbacks of a chest freezer is that it does not have drawers like upright freezers, which means it isn't easy to organize your food and other items. Choose models with storage baskets made of wire that let you divide your food into smaller portions. They are ideal for storage of small items that are easy to lose, such as frozen vegetables and ice-creams.

Another security feature to look for in the chest freezer is an interior light, which will make it easier to observe what's inside. You should also look for a lid that is counterbalanced that can remain in an open position instead of slamming shut when you're trying to add more food items. Also, look for models that have locks, which will stop children from stealing your ice cream stash or deter casual burglars in less secure outbuildings. Additionally, certain models have high-temperature alarms or lights that will be activated if the temperature inside the freezer rises.

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